First Aid for Bipolar Disorder

Course Overview

Qualification Course Length
First Aid for Bipolar Disorder Half day

First Aid for Bipolar Disorder is a comprehensive training course which raises awareness of the the various types of Bipolar Disorder including Type I, Type II, Cyclothymia, Mixed State and Rapid Cycling. It also considers the causes and triggers of Bipolar, the signs and symptoms experience by the patient (including depression, mania, and hypomania), and equips helpers to provide appropriate support.

This course is invaluable for anyone caring for patients with Bipolar Disorder, including support workers and family and friends of Bipolar patients.

Course Syllabus

  • What is Bipolar Disorder?
  • Famous people with Bipolar Disorder
  • Bipolar Type I
  • Bipolar Type II
  • Cyclothymia
  • Hypomania
  • Mania
  • Depression
  • Mixed state
  • Rapid cycling
  • Causes and triggers
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Suicide
  • Medication and therapy
  • Providing support
  • When to seek medical help


On successful completion of this course, you will receive a First Aid for Bipolar Disorder certificate valid for 3 years.